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Spring Registration and Why ATLL?

As everyone knows, youth sports are much different today than it was when we were growing up.  In Anderson Township you have many options for baseball and that’s why it has been the mission of Anderson Township Little League to provide the best quality experience available to our community.  Our goal is to provide a fun and competitive environment for the approximately 1,000 players who come through our league each year.  We are the only baseball option in the area who work diligently to provide balanced, competitive teams throughout our many divisions while at the same time giving players the opportunity to play and learn the game of baseball with their friends.  We do not allow managers to build powerhouse teams over the years but happily allow core groups of players to stay together from year to year.  ATLL also offers a wide range of options for your players’ ability level from tee ball, coach pitch, half kid pitch – half coach pitch, and multiple levels of full kid pitch from ages 9 through 16.  We offer the Aces program for the best of the best at every age and the Kings program for those players looking to take their game to the next level.  These enhanced baseball programs are constantly evolving as we try to find the best fit for our players who have chosen to participate.  Don’t burn your kid out on baseball by playing 50 to 70 games per year, don’t throw thousands of dollars away to a program that just wants your money to fund their elite athletes, don’t put your player in a position where they’re losing or winning every game by 20 runs, don’t put them on a team where the only goal is to win, where they get screamed at if they make a mistake, where they’ll ride the bench if they’re not good enough.  Choose a program where teamwork, player development, and fun are what drive the managers to donate their time.  Play Anderson Township Little League and give them the same opportunity for fun, competitive baseball that you had as a kid.


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2020 Spring Registration

Registration questions please contact the ATLL Player Agent, Greg Kuenning at atllplayeragent@gmail.com


Anderson Township Little League Events

Health & Safety Update

Anderson Youth Sports Return to Play June 1, 2020

On May 14th, the State of Ohio reopened low-contact sports thus giving youth baseball organizations the green light to resume activities. Since then, our Board has been working tirelessly to prepare for our return to play on June 1st. The ATLL season will run through July 18th allowing for seven weeks of baseball.

Please read below for important details as we get ready to start our season. This will be my final formal communication related to the Spring 2020 season. Please follow us on Facebook for pictures and updates throughout the season.


Safety has always been our top priority and that priority is elevated this season. The basis of our safety expectations come from the state’s Responsible Restart Ohio Baseballand Softball (revised 5/22). The attached AYS Return to Play document outlines participation requirements that will govern the Spring 2020 season. For the most part, it is common sense stuff, however we expect all participants to be familiar with this document. COVID cases continue to be reported and we must all do our part to ensure a safe environment for all regardless of the inconvenience. We do not have a perfect solution. The reality is we all need to be looking out for one another to ensure we’re being safe and smart – coaches, parents, spectators, umpires - every one of us. Bottom line, this is a small concession we all need to make in order to play baseball.

Link to Anderson Youth Sports Return to Play Spring 2020


We want to protect all individuals from liability should COVID-19 be transmitted or contracted at any organized practice or game. For the 700+ players who are participating in the Spring 2020 season, as a reminder, you will be required to sign the attached release of liability waiver to protect our players, coaches, and the league from such liability. Your manager will coordinate the collection of these waivers prior to your first practice or game.

Link to AYS Waiver


To assist AYS managers and assistant coaches with adhering to the AYS Return to Play protocol, AYS will furnish each ATLL and Aces team with a no-contact temporal thermometer, hand sanitizer, hard surface sanitizer for disinfecting frequently touched hard surfaces such as catcher gear, bats, etc.


Masks will not be furnished by AYS. The AYS Board felt it was reasonable to assume that all families had acquired masks at this point of the pandemic. If you are interested in purchasing a popular gaiter mask, they are available at both valued AYS apparel vendors – Kuhls Hot Sportspot (513-474-2282) and U-Sports (https://atll2020.itemorder.com/sale).


In total, we had 268 players opt out of the Spring 2020 season. The refund process, albeit as simple as clicking a button to refund the charge to a credit card, has proven to be a very manual process. AYS’ Treasurer will have to go into each opted out player profile, open the transaction history, and click the refund button 268 separate times. And opt out requests continued to hit our inboxes as recent as last week! As such, we have not yet started the process, but we will do so over the next three to four weeks. You can expect your refund by or before June 25. We appreciate your patience on this matter and look forward to seeing you in a future season! FYI - registration for Fall 2020 season will open on July 1st.


All practice and game schedules have been uploaded to ATLL.org. To view your schedule, please navigate to the www.ATLL.org, go to Teams --> go to Choose a Team --> [Select your Division] --> [Select your Team] --> click on Schedule.  Please note that you can export your Team’s schedule to your personal Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.


I am pleased to announce that ATLL is partnering with Diamond Pro Umpiring Agency (DPUA), a third party professional umpiring organization, to umpire ATLL games in our AAA-National, Majors, Intermediate and Junior divisions. This change gives us added confidence in the reliability, consistency and quality improvements that will come with professional umpires. 

Another change is that we no longer expect our coaches to umpire games in our AAA-American division. AYS’ Umpire Coordinator will assign internally sourced umpires for all AAA-American games.


Considering the truncated season, many of the standard events will not be available in 2020. The priority is getting our kids on the baseball field. It is less about competition. To that end, the Board has made the decision to cancel the division tournaments this season. Other events include:

All-Stars: Anderson is a Little League within Ohio District 9. District 9 will not be organizing an All-Star Tournament in 2020, therefore there will be no All-Star teams this season.

Match Game: The Match Game, which brings youth baseball teams from the suburbs and the inner city together in the spirit of diversity, interaction and friendly competition, has been cancelled by the Reds Community Fund.


Have a safe and fun season. On behalf of the AYS Board of Directors, I want to thank all our board members, players, managers, assistant coaches, volunteers, and parents for your patience, leadership, and understanding. It’s finally time to play ball!


Jim Tavernelli
AYS President



by posted 03/12/2020
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