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Line Up for Saturday July 11th Maddux #1 9:00am
by posted 07/10/2020

Practice Plan for Saturday July 11th, 2020

9:00am Maddux #1

8:45am                 Temperature Checks

9:00am                 Throwing to Coach

9:10am                 Fielding Ground Balls

9:15am                 Fielding Fly Balls

9:25am                 Tee Work

9:35am                 Large Nerf Balls

9:45am                 Game with Charcoal      

Batting Line-Up

1st Inning

2nd Inning

3rd Inning

  1. Hank O.
  2. Elijah S.
  3. Luca N.
  4. Wyatt D.
  5. Jon L.
  6. Asher N.

P: Hank O.

1st: Elijah S.

2nd: Luca N.

3rd: Wyatt D.

SS: Jon L.

OF: Asher N.

P: Wyatt D.

1st: Jon L.

2nd: Asher N.

3rd: Hank O.

SS: Elijah S.

OF: Luca N.

P: Jon L.

1st: Elijah S.

2nd: Hank O.

3rd: Luca N.

SS: Asher N.

OF: Wyatt D.


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