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ATLL Additional Reds Team Information
by posted 03/27/2022

Hello players and parents,  here is some additional information that I would like to bring to your attention:

  • Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early for Tuesday practice so we are ready to start at 6:30.
  • The preferred uniform is gray pants, red socks, and a red belt. Hats and shirts are provided by ATLL. 
  • All boys need to wear a cup for all practices and games. Players need to wear pants (not shorts) to practice.
  • Bats: BBCOR-3 and USA Baseball bats with a diameter of 2 5/8" are the only approved bats for this league. This endorsement must be visible for the bat to be used. USSSA bats are not allowed. 
  • If your child will not be at a game or practice, please let me know ahead of time. Positions are planned specifically for each game. 
  • I still am in need of a scorekeeper. The gamechanger app is what we have used in the past and is user-friendly.  
  • There will be no practice during spring break (April 11-15). 
  • The game schedule has been posted but some of the times need to be finalized. There will be a game on Tuesday 5/3 instead of practice, and the game on Friday 5/13 will be at 6:15 pm.
  • All boys will be in the batting order every game. There are 13 players and only 9 defensive positions so there will be times your child may not play a complete game or may not play in his preferred position. 
  • Batting helmets are required.  ATLL provides helmets to be used if anyone needs a helmet. 
  • Starting this week, I will be holding batting practice at Riverside Park on Fridays from 6-8 pm, field to be determined. 
  • It is important for everyone to maintain a positive attitude while on the field; mistakes happen and one play doesn't win or lose the game. 

I coached in the ATLL last fall and really enjoyed the experience.  After meeting everyone at our first practice, I feel we have a good group of players and am looking forward to the season.

See you on Tuesday. Jeff


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Jeff Mente 
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