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All sanctioned Little Leagues have boundaries that are established and approved by the Little League International organization. 










As Little League explains, "There are three options for where Little Leaguers can play.

  1. Kids whose primary residence is within the local league’s boundary can play for that hometown league.
  2. Kids can play for the league where their school is located.
  3. Kids from divided homes may choose to play in a league in whose boundaries either parent resides.”
If you live or go to school outside our boundaries, but not within the boundaries of another Little League organization, you can still sign up to play in our league. Our District routinely grants waivers for players who live or go to school outside the boundaries to play in the regular season. However, a player who does not live or go to school within of our boundaries will not be able to represent ATLL in All-Star tournaments, including the Little League World Series.
For more details about Little League’s boundary regulations Click Here or send an email to