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Field Information

Anderson Township Little League uses baseball fields managed and maintained by the following entities:

  • Anderson Township Park District
  • Forest Hills Schools
  • Village of Newtown
Spring: AAA American, AAA National, AAAA & Majors / Fall: Division 2 & 3
Field Dimensions

Spring: A (T-Ball)
Field Dimensions

Fall: Division 1
Field Dimensions

Practice and game cancelations should be communicated to the ATLL Field / Scheduling Coordinator.  ATLL is billed by usage of Anderson Township Park District fields.  Accurate usage information helps control costs.

Game Rescheduling
If your team (or opponent) practices on a field during the 6:30p time slot, you can use that time for makeup games.  If that is not an option, contact the ATLL Field / Scheduling Coordinator for field availability.

Please remember to clean up the fields, dugouts and spectator areas at the conclusion of activities.  A quick check by each team at the end of a game or practice to ensure that all trash and recyclables are picked up will also help to minimize "lost and found" items such as gloves and bats.  Additionally, all members of the ATLL community should be aware that the possession or consumption of alcohol at ATLL events is prohibited by League Rules and is illegal under Park District Rules and other laws on park property without specific permits in designated areas.

Anderson Township Park District Fields
Field Status
For the most current updates regarding field status/conditions, please call the Anderson Township Park District's FIELD STATUS HOTLINE:

Mailbox #3: General baseball and softball field status.

Field Closing Policy *IMPORTANT*
Users must check their field's status BEFORE PLAYING to ascertain if it is open. When a field is closed, the field may not be played on under any circumstances. Anyone who plays or practices on a closed field will be subject to a $150 fine per field, plus damages and may be subject to a one-year suspension of eligibility for use of any ATPD field, even if coaches and/or officials are not present. The loss of rental revenue may also be assessed and included in the invoice if the field is rendered unplayable due to the action of the offender.