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Board of Directors

Elected Position Descriptions

Position Description
  1. Conduct the affairs of the Local League and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors and Little League Baseball, Incorporated.
  2. Be responsible for the conduct of the Local League in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, as agreed to under the conditions of charter issued to the Local League by the organization.
  3. Designate in writing, other Officers if necessary, to have power to make and execute for, and in the name of, the Local League such contracts and leases they may receive and which have had the prior approval of the Board.
  4. Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the Local League and report thereon to the Board of Directors as circumstances warrant.
  5. With assistance of the Treasurer, prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors and be responsible for the proper execution thereof.
  6. With the assistance of the Player Agent or other such designee, examine the application and support proof-of-age documents of every player candidate and certify to residence and age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tryouts and selection.
Vice President
  1. Assist in the internal operations of the League
  2. Preside over the Board of Directors in case of the absence of the president
  3. Provided he/she is authorized by the President or Board so to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of the office
  4. Have such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors or by the President
  1. Attend monthly Board meetings and record Minutes of the meetings distributing to the Board each month by e-mail; maintaining electronic and hard copy Minutes files.
  2. Manage electronic e-mail Board votes between monthly Board meetings. Maintain electronic and hard copy records in form of 'Motion Compilation'.
  3. Maintain appropriate files, Board mailing list and necessary league records.
  4. Participate in routine volunteer work assisting ATLL as needed in support of all other Board position roles including January registrations, mailings, player evaluations, opening day, equipment distribution and collection, skills clinics, etc.
  1. Perform such duties as are herein set forth and such other duties as are customarily incident to the Office of Treasurer or may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
  2. Receive all moneys and securities, and deposit same in a depository approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all moneys and securities of the Local League, approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks therefore in agreement with policies established in advance of such actions by the Board.
  4. Assist in the preparation of an annual budget and/or financial reports and updates, under the direction of the President or Vice President, for submission to the Board.
Player Agent
  1. Record all player transactions and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof.
  2. Receive and review applications for the player candidates and assist the President in checking residence and age eligibility.
  3. Conduct the try-outs for Majors and non-instructional minor divisions
  4. Conduct the player draft and all other player transaction or selection meetings.
  5. Prepare for the President's signature and submission to Little League Headquarters, team rosters, including players claimed, and the tournament team eligibility affidavit.
Safety Officer
  1. Shall have complete responsibility for the internal safety and training operations of the League.
  2. Work in cooperation with the appointed Commissioners to ensure that adequate and certifiable training is completed by all Managers and Coaches.
Rules, Competition and Bylaws
  1. Responsible for understanding and being able to interpret the Little League rules of engagement, competition, and laws that govern the existence of the league, and league operations.
  2. Must be able to understand and interpret the differences between local league rules (and governing documents) and the Little League International organization, as there may be differences allowed by Little League International.
  3. Responsible for upkeep of current approved and adopted documentation, and have the ability to edit and/or create new documentation or edits of existing as requested by Little League or the President of the local Board.
  4. Responsible for providing knowledge base as questions arise from Board or general membership.
Manager Coordinator
  1. Receive and review applications for Managers and assist the Board of Directors in confirming Manager candidates.
  2. Coordinate all division business among the managers to include collecting and posting pitch counts.
  3. Assist the Player Agent in the conduct of the try-outs
  4. Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions within divisions and report them to the President as circumstances warrant.
  5. Distribute and collect player evaluations from managers.
  6. Provide player evaluations to the Player Agent.
  7. Provide feedback of manager evaluations, as collected from the parents.
  8. Monitor the performance of the managers during the season for dealing with players, parents, and umpires in preparation for selecting All-Star Managers.
Umpire Coordinator
  1. Recruit umpire volunteers and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof.
  2. Receive and review applications for umpires and assist the President confirming umpire candidates.
  3. Administer, train and schedule umpires and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof.
  4. Conform to the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the operations manual, rule book and League guidelines.
  5. Retain an agency to supply umpires for the Jr's and Sr's.
  6. Maintain all rainouts and rescheduled games with the agency.
Equipment Coordinator
  1. Provide for the procurement of equipment for the League and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof.
  2. Receive and review bids for equipment and services as required
  3. Assist the President, Vice President, Safety & Training Director in ensuring that adequate equipment or services have been provided to the League.
Information Officer
  1. Manage the league's official home page.
  2. Assist with the online registration process.
  3. Assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams, ensure that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis.
  4. Serve as primary contact person for Little League and regarding optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and to Little League International.
  5. Manage the league registration process (on-line and paper) and ensure that league rosters are maintained on the site.
Volunteer Coordinator
  1. Responsible for understanding the Leagues' volunteer requirements at large.
  2. Responsible for documenting volunteer requests and assisting areas in need of volunteers with filling their requests.
  3. Works with other Board Members to ensure application process and background check process ensures volunteer selection is credible and follows the rules/laws of Little League International.
Field Coordinator
  1. Apply for field permits from the field authorities.
  2. Determine the number of games and distribution among intra- and inter-league games to be played in each division
  3. Develop and distribute the game and practice schedules for all divisions
  4. Distribute information regarding field closures and re-schedule postponed and suspended gamese
  5. Maintain the fields by coordinating activities with the field authorities
  6. Train field maintenance volunteers
  7. Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions regarding the fields and report them to the President as circumstances warrant.

Appointed Position Descriptions

Position Description
Field Lining Coordinator
  1. Work with Field Coordinator to ensure fields are lined each Saturday
  2. Responsible for coordinating roles for volunteers that assist with said efforts
Opening Day Coordinator
  1. Coordinates all activities pertaining to scheduled League Opening Day Ceremonies.
  2. Responsible for coordinating roles for volunteers that assist with said efforts.
Picture Day Coordinator
  1. Coordinates all activities pertaining to scheduled Picture Days.
  2. Responsible for coordinating roles for volunteers that assist with said efforts.
Division Coordinator  
All-Star Coordinator  
Public Relations Coordinator
  1. Collect, post and distribute important information on League activities including direct dissemination of fund-raising and sponsor activities to Little League International, district, public, league members and media.
  2. Works with the President on soliciting sponsors
  3. Works with the President on maintaining current sponsor relationships
  4. Responsible for all advertising as directed by the President
  5. Responsible for marketing materials and other such documentation as needed.