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Background Checks

ATLL is bound by our league rules and bylaws to fully vet our volunteers.  A complete and thorough background check will be completed on volunteers deemed necessary by the ATLL board and the National Little League Association.


INFORMATION ABOUT JDP Background Screening (our system of choice):
JDP screening isn't just fast and easy: it's thorough.  JDP's National Criminal Records Search looks through over 685 million criminal records.  The sources that the JDO screeninginclude sex offender registries, federal, state and local wanted fugitive lists and FBI terrorist lists.  The check even reviews data from OFAC, The Department of Public Saftey and Deaprtment of Corrections.

Once a background check has been conducted on a potential volunteer, a designated league official access the JDP Platform to review the results of the background check. If there is a charge on the potential volunteer, the local league must first determine if this charge is permitted by Little League Regulation or present this information to either the League president or local board to determine if this individual is fit to participate in any manner in the league.

As per Little League Regulation 1(c)9: “No local league shall permit any person to participate in any manner whose background check reveals a conviction, guilty plea, no contest pleas, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor or minors.”

Leagues are required to contact the Security Manager at Little League International if a potential volunteer appears on the National Sex Offender Registry prior to the volunteer being appointed. This information can be found under Little League Regulation I (c) (9) in the Little League Rulebook.

The local league must also still verify the volunteer’s application with a government-issued photo ID. Which allows the league official to verify the information on the volunteer application is correct like name, DOB and address. 

Note: A letter or email, which includes a copy of the completed background screening report & Summary of Rights, will be sent to every volunteer where a criminal record from the public records database is reported to your local Little League. A toll-free number is listed on the letter if the volunteer decides to dispute the information reported.

Some points to consider if your name has generated a report:

  1. ATLL is doing what ever we can to ensure that the children in our program are kept safe at all times (physically, mentally, and emotionally).
  2. Our background check process is approved by the National Little League Association and the International Little League Association and is being conducted by a nationally known reputable organization.
  3. We are the receiver of the report, not the generator of the report.  Whatever organization utilizes this same process could come up with the same report (i.e. school, churches, scouts, etc.)
  4. We are always available to any member to discuss any of our processes or procedures.

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any matters pertaining to background checks or the league in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.