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Background Checks

ATLL is bound by our league rules and bylaws to fully vet our volunteers.  A complete and thorough background check will be completed on volunteers deemed necessary by the ATLL board and the National Little League Association.

INFORMATION FROM LEXIS NEXIS (our system of choice):
The Lexis Nexis search is instantly checking available criminal records and Sex Offender Registries across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This broader check gives the league the opportunity to obtain possible convictions of other Felony and/or Misdemeanor level crimes of violence, in addition to Sex Offender offenses that occurred outside the state where the volunteer currently resides.
However, occasionally results may come back on more than one individual with the same first and last name. Pennsylvania and the states of Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin do not use a DOB or social security number as a search criteria, so it is possible that multiple people with the same first and last name with records in these databases will show up in your search. Careful review of these records returned to you is required to ensure that the record belongs to your volunteer. Review the entire record for additional details which may be provided in the record, such as year of birth, middle name (or initial), address, or any other identifying information
If a record is found, LexisNexis will send a consumer disclosure letter to the applicant, letting the person know what information was reporting. This process is required through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and this gives the applicant the information needed to dispute the record if it is not his/her record (ie. if it is another person with the same exact name and date of birth).

What this all means is that there are possibilities that reports may be returned to us indicating further checks are necessary.  A report returned to us DOES NOT mean that ATLL will automatically think the person from ATLL is this person on the report.  What this does mean is that there may be some conflicting information with like names within the databases Lexis Nexis is checking that need further clarification and BY LAW, this report is sent to the person about which ATLL obtained the background check.  As we work to clear the information, the person in question has the right to also know what came back to us and should work to make sure the report (their name) is cleared. 
Some points to consider if your name has generated a report:
  1. ATLL is doing what ever we can to ensure that the children in our program are kept safe at all times (physically, mentally, and emotionally).
  2. Our background check process is approved by the National Little League Association and the International Little League Association and is being conducted by a nationally known reputable organization.
  3. We are the receiver of the report, not the generator of the report.  Whatever organization utilizes this same process could come up with the same report (i.e. school, churches, scouts, etc.)
  4. We are always available to any member to discuss any of our processes or procedures.
If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any matters pertaining to background checks or the league in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.