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Concussion Safety Training Modules

Both modules must be completed by all coaches and umpires.
Module 1 - Concussion Safety Training

The Ohio legislature recently passed new laws regarding youth sports organizations and concussions.  In order to comply with Ohio's Return to Play Law (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3707.511), ALL ATLL coaches and umpires are required to complete the mandatory free online training course linked below.  In lieu of completing the online training course, coaches may complete the requisite training in person at the ATLL Coaches' Clinic.
STEP 1 -  Online Concussion Course (Link to course is below)
  • Click on the button that says, Concussion in Sports
  • In the window that appears, Select Your State and the click Order Course (there is no cost for this course)
  • The log-in to the NFHS website click Register to create an account     
  • After you log-in you will be taken back to the screen to order the course.  Click on Order Course to complete the training
STEP 2 -  Concussion Course Completion Attestation Form
  • Concussion training is required once every three years.     
  • Once you complete STEP 1, follow this link to an attestation page where you'll enter your name, division, team and team position in an online form.  
Module 2 - Play Hard Don't Blink Program
ATLL has voluntarily enrolled in Ohio's Play Hard Don't Blink Program offered by Superspecs.  The Play Hard Don't Blink sports eye safety program works with leagues and individuals in Ohio to promote the use of protective eyewear to reduce the number of sports eye injuries in Ohio's young players.  ATLL has received 300 batting helmets for use in league play.  Managers are encourged to complete and submit the pre-season and post-season surveys as these are required to receive equipment from Superspecs.
STEP 1 -Watch this short video about eye safety Play Hard Don't Blink introduction video
STEP 2 - Pre-season coaches' survey
  • Please complete and submit a few simple questions for the pre-season survey.  Both the pre-season and post-season surveys are a requirement for ATLL to participate in the Play Hard Don't Blink Program.
STEP 3 - Post-season coaches' survey
  • Upon completion of the season, an email reminder will be sent to you in order to complete the short post-season survey.  Again, the completion of these surveys is a requirement for ATLL to participate in the Play Hard Don't Blink Program and receive free safety equipment.